About Us


Owner  Brian Klefbeck together with his wife, Melissa Klefbeck purchased the  property in 2012.  All the cottages had been vacant and neglected  for years.  The Klefbeck’s  had a vision to make this gorgeous piece of  nature fully livable again, and worked hard to renovate it.  Their son  Dylan (age 4 at the time) fell in love with the property the first time  he visited, despite the way the cottages looked.   He ran around in the  tall grass and talked about learning to fish someday, (on the now newly  restored dock).  Brian and Melissa envisioned him playing there for  many, many years to come!  

They have a constantly changing and evolving  vision for the La Bella Vista property.  For example, the first thing  they want to add to the cottages is screened in outdoor space and  outdoor hot tubs.  


 “We hope people see the beauty in Autumn Lake and enjoy it for many  years to come, I know our family will.”     ~Brian and Melissa Klefbeck



Every cottage looked similar to this one captured here.  The bones of the property were good it just needed a lot of TLC and landscaping.  It  was a shame to see these cottages in such run down condition.  It was  sad to see such a gorgeous view of what Mother Nature really has to  offer, all over grown and in such disrepair.     


Present day

After lots of hard labor and love, finally a place to enjoy!